Kids Martial Arts

Children truly are our future and at CFTP we believe they should be equipped with the best skills to serve them throughout their lives. It is for this reason that we do not just show them how to kick and punch but we strive to teach them how to carry themselves at home, school, and anywhere else they might be. There are a lot of people who think 4 years old is too young for Taekwondo; boy do we have news for them. At CFTP we start tiny tots in our programs as early as two and a half years old. It is at this age that we can really start to build motor skills at the most basic level. As they become more comfortable with the environment and instructors they start to learn how to listen as well. A student that starts classes before the age of three has a significant advantage on their peers both in martial arts and life in general. By the time they get to kindergarten they will be more attentive than their classmates as well as more confident and able to perform physical tasks. Once a child reaches about 4 years old they tend to be extremely hyperactive and easily agitated. It is at this age that the emphasis on discipline and focus found in CFTP martial arts becomes so important. Within a matter of months, weeks, and in some cases even days a parent will notice substantial improvement in their child’s willingness to focus and listen. When a parent does not need to tell their son or daughter to “STOP!” every 30 seconds it makes it so much easier for them to spend time talking with them and teaching them the things they want their child to learn. From five to seven children tend to be a lot calmer which makes it much easier for them to understand and learn physical techniques as well as life skills. They tend to listen more and talk less than their younger counterparts and as a result one can often see more rapid advancement at this age. This being said a four year old who has been with CFTP since the age of two will often be much more focused than a new student who is five or six. From eight years on communication between a teacher and student becomes a lot easier. The student can comprehend verbal instruction much more easily and convert it into physical techniques. No matter the age of the student once they have trained with CFTP for an extended period of time the benefits of training become clear to instructors, parents, and spectators. Children who train in martial arts have a detailed understanding of life skills such as respect, courtesy, discipline, self-control, honour, and perseverance. They are generally very patient and able to focus. Physically they tend to be stronger, more flexible and have superior cardiovascular endurance as well as balance when compared to their peers. Taekwondo is a great martial art for any child and the earlier they begin the greater the benefit they will receive from this ancient martial art..