About CFTP

Alejandro Pereira established the CFTP with a considerable amount of hard work and dedication after discovering that Martial Arts gave him the balance he was missing in the areas of his life such as culture and education. When he saw his own personal results in studying and practicing Taekwondo he realized that he wanted to help others become more balanced in their lives in order to achieve their own personal goals.

Through much perseverance, he started a school in Paraguay called the Central Family Protection Program in 1993. He started the Canadian Family Taekwondo Programs in Toronto in 2001, he registered the schools in both South America and Canada as the Canadian Family Taekwondo Programs.

In 1993, Alejandro started to create his own system with his own instructional group. He created his own style because he wanted the Martial Arts Philosophy to relate back to its origins in all aspects again. He wanted the Taekwondo taught in his schools to support spirituality, physical fitness and community so that those who would study Taekwondo with him would soon realize that they are part of a very large family.

His association has grown to 16 schools in South America.In 2005 he opened his second school in Canada and now he has 2 main locations and teaching in private, public and community schools. In 2014 he became a member of Onatrio Taekwondo Association (WTF) to give more opportunity to his students to participate in the Olympic games. Alejandro looking forward to open more schools and that the CFTP will continue to grow.