The black belt represents a significant step in the training of a Taekwondo student. After years of commitment, dedication and hard work, the black belt is earned as a symbol of our CFTP Expectations of Taekwondo: Respect, Courtesy, Discipline, Self-Control, Honour and Perseverance.

Components of Test:

Physical: One minute exercise, one minute break

  • Physical Fitness: Skipping Rope, Push Ups, Sit Ups, Burpees
  • Hand Movements
  • Kicks
  • Forms
  • Personal Defense
  • Sparring
  • Weapons
  • Board Breaking

Theory: Canadian Academy of Health & Wellness Certifications

Written: Written examination with Canadian Academy of Health & Wellness

Points and Service Requirements: In addition to time in grade and age, it is expected that Black Belt Candidates achieve a number of service points. These can be received by serving on testing panels, competing and judging at tournaments, teaching, and assisting with other school functions. Consult with the instructor for more details on these requirements

Time in Grade and Age Requirements: The Black Belt rank requires more than proficiency in physical technique. The time required in each rank allows the students to develop the mental maturity expected to properly represent the rank and the  CFTP Association. The Black Belt Candidates must be at least 7 years of age to test for a Black Belt rank.

RankTime in GradeAge Requirement
Red Stripe4 MonthsN/A
Red4 MonthsN/A
Red & Black6 MonthsN/A
1st Dan18 Months7 yrs
2nd Dan2 Years9 yrs
3rd Dan3 Years15 yrs
4th Dan4 Years21yrs/Poom 18
5th Dan5 Years25 yrs
6th Dan6 Years35 yrs
7th Dan7 Years41 yrs
8th Dan8 Years51 yrs
9th Dan9 Years59 yrs

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