Birthday parties

At a CFTP martial arts birthday party the student is the instructor! Once they are presented with their ceremonial “birthday black belt” they will lead their friends through a full martial arts lesson. After the lesson its time to cut the cake and they do so in style with an authentic martial arts sword. The cake cutting is followed by pizza and cake. When everyone is done eating they get the chance to break a real board. These parties are not only fun they are a great lesson in confidence and leadership for all who attend.

Corporate team building

Nothing brings a team together better than learning something new and challenging as a group. At a CFTP Corporate team building event groups can learn anything from basic Taekwondo skills and breaking boards to self defense to fitness and nutrtition. Your corporate team will interact in a dynamic way learning new skills and building stronger personal bonds.

MMA party

Ever wonder what it might be like to train like a real UFC fighter? Now is your chance! At a CFTP MMA party you will be trained in the skills you select (muay thai, Brazilian jui jitsu, wrestling, boxing etc.) and get a chance to use them with your friends.


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