Seeing many clients with anxiety conditions made me put together some basic tips on how to cope with anxiety. These practical lifestyle strategies will increase your self-understanding and assist you on how to cope with, and heal your anxiety using natural and holistic solutions.
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— Dr. Reneta Pereira PhD DIM

Dissertation submitted in fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Doctorate and PhD in Integrative Medicine in the Graduate School of International Quantum University of Integrative Medicine.
This study includes eight individuals with different levels of chronic depression. QBF was the measuring tool for depression and identified the progression of it in the healing process.
Four cases participated in the QBF and four participated in QBF, MPS and Taekwondo as a form of exercise. Both healing protocols showed significant improvements in the patient’s depressive symptoms.  The average per-cent difference improvement from the group of the first protocol was 158% and the average per-cent difference improvement from the group of the second protocol was 311%.However, the healing process with protocol two (QBF, MPS and Taekwondo) occurred more rapidly than applying only one alternative method within protocol one (QBF) and the per-cent difference between the two groups was 97% greater.
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— Dr. Reneta Pereira PhD DIM


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