Junior Trainee Instructor Program

This program’s mission is to build future leaders of Canada for a better tomorrow. The program including Black Belt Training, SWAT & Demo Team Participation, Leadership Life Skills Curriculum, Championship Competition, Expert Weapons Training and X-TREMEMartial Arts. The program was devised in order to allow children, ages 8-15, prepare themselves for the Trainee Instructor Program.

Membership in the Leadership Program is by instructor invitation only. This group of Li’l Lions, Karate for Kids and Juniors have been chosen as role models for the students at theCFTP. Your Acceptance into the Leadership Club will provide you with the ultimate challenge to becoming a superior martial artist and a leader in you community. We will prepare you to leave a legacy to pass on to others: Structure, Emotion and Knowledge.

Trainee Instructor Program (ages 16 & up)

This program is for Black Belts ages 16 and above to prepare them for instructor certification. Trainee instructors are people who enjoy teaching others or who are interested in a career in the martial arts. The program was devised in order to allow adult students to become a Certified Instructor. The additional responsibilities and challenges of the program increase each student’s self esteem and teaching ability.