Eric Marle

2nd Dan

Born in France, schooled in Montreal and Florida, Eric speaks English and French. Successfully obtained his degree in the culinary program at Ecole Hôtelière Des Laurentides. Eric is an Executive Chef driven by passion with more than 20 years of experience. Writer, radio columnist, culinary craftsman, Instructor, and proud father.

His career includes being the winner of the Laurentian Gold Table Award, Gold medalist at the Tremblant Gastronomy competition, and two time Grand Prix of Tourism Awards. His recipes have been published in Lynne Faubert’s A La Bonne Franquette.

His experience as a Martial Artist includes being a former Black Belt ITF student. Successfully obtaining ITF instructors and First aid CPR certification in 2009 along with multiple victories in tournaments for combat sparring and forms. Recently returned to Taekwondo and obtained his 2nd Dan Black Belt with Senior Master Pereira at CFTP.

Currently, he is part of the group of Instructors at CFTP and he is teaching at CFTP Brooklin, Ontario


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