This program is designed for students age 7 -14 The students follow the regular WT system to obtain a black belt at the end of the course. They learn the techniques of forms, sparring, self-defense and weapons that train the students to become not only physically fit but strong in their minds.
Due to this program they develop life skills like focus, concentration, self control discipline, honour, perseverance and self- defense that is extremely important in today’s daily life. At CFTP students will not only be taught how to defend themselves physically but also of the dangers of the real world. They are taught about bullying, the idea of being cautious of strangers, and how to act in these specific situations.

When you register your child in our program he/she will participate in full Taekwondo classes with our skilled instructors in a fun and challenging environment.

Our star system is applied to our regular program with great success.

Children who bring their excellence sheet weekly will be reworded with stars.

Blue star – for doing chores at home.

Gold star – for excellent work at school.


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