The CFTP self defense system has been developed by CFTP in partnership with Canadian Infantry Veteran Travis Csoka. It focuses strictly on self defense techniques and strategies. Courses are specific and tailored to different groups accordingly.

Kids self defense

In this course students learn physical defense techniques as well as concepts such as ‘stranger danger’ and strategies to stay with parents and stay safe. They learn how to stay our of harms way as well as how to identify and escape a dangerous situation even when facing a larger, stronger opponent.

Women’s self defense

This course covers situations and techniques specific to women. Students are taught how to avoid potentially harmful situations and how to get out of them should they find themselves in danger. The techniques they learn are designed for women and the situations they may find themselves in.

General self defense

This course covers basic and advanced self defense for the everyday person. It covers a wide range of techniques and situations and is a great option for anybody who wants to learn the fundamentals of self defense.


This course is for security professionals including but not limited to security guards, bouncers, body guards etc. It covers advanced self defense techniques including weapons and 3rd party defense tactics. This course is a great addition to any security professionals repertoire.

Law enforcement/military

This course is strictly for law enforcement and military professionals. It covers the most advanced defense techniques and goes deep into the defense against and use of weapons. This course is treated very seriously as the individuals taking it face extremely dangerous situations on a regular basis


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