Kūdō (空道 Kūdō) (formerly Kakutō karate (格闘空手); often Daidōjuku) is a Japanese hybrid martial art. It is full-contact mixed combat sport with head Guard and gloves, throwing and grappling techniques are also allowed in the competition, including restraint, locks and strangle holds. It can be called a mixed martial art with protective gear for the head.[1]

The goal of Kūdō is to come as close as possible to realistic, real fighting, with appropriate protective clothing. To achieve this, Kūdō is fought with very few regulations, and has specialised techniques and actions. The techniques of Kūdō include the entire spectrum of a real struggle-fighting standing up, throwing techniques, grappling and ground fighting.

The training of Kūdō consists primarily of kihon, general fitness training and combat. The kata of Kyokushin were eliminated without replacement.

Kūdō is a comprehensive martial art and philosophy, in which both the physical as well as mental development are considered. Traditional Japanese etiquette Budo (as Reigi) is followed, there are certain Japanese greeting ritual, a traditional training keikogi is worn, the names of the techniques are in Japanese, etc.
Member countries (red) and candidate member countries (green) of the Kudo International Federation (October 31, 2011)

Kūdō is practised in more than 52 countries, with the largest representation in Russia.