Master Alejandro Pereira developed the CFTP Taekwondo system many years ago. It is derived from traditional Taekwondo and includes sparring, form, weapons, one step sparring, and self defense techniques. CFTP Taekwondo is available to children and adults as it encompasses a wide variety of skills and training techniques tailored for each age group and class.

Basic Program

The Basic Program is our entry-level program for children and adults. As a Black Belt Leadership Academy, we encourage every student to aspire to become a black belt. It is, however, important to establish a solid foundation when embarking on such a monumental journey. It is for this reason that all our students ages six and up begin with the essentials to grow as martial artists in this preliminary program.Taught by highly qualified instructors, each student will learn the three life skills central to CFTP Taekwondo: Discipline, Confidence, and Respect. Moving from the Basic Program to the Leadership Program, our students are well prepared to take on the new challenges.

Li’l Lions Programs

Kinder Ninjas (three and four years old) and Li’l Lions (five and six years old) are programs especially designed for our youngest students. Students learn to kick, punch, block, run, and jump in a safe and fun environment. For Kinder Ninjas, the physical skills are combined with an emphasis on listening and focus. For Li’l Lions, their training encourages the development of balance, coordination, discipline and how to follow orders quickly. The high energy of these young learners is channelled into focus and concentration as theylearn how to carry themselves as martial artists with confidence, discipline, and respect.Children whose families choose to track their cooperation at home and at school with our excellence sheet can earn rewards while developing discipline and responsibility.

Leadership Program

The Leadership Program is offered to students ages seven and up who have mastered the basic skills and exhibited the dedication and determination so important to success at CFTP. The mission of our Leadership Program is to build, not only accomplished martial artists but also future leaders. For the youngest students moving into the program, opportunities to be a leader in class and participate in outside tournaments, along with advanced training in sparring and weapons are just some of the benefits. As the children become older and move further ahead in their black belt training, they will have the opportunity to assist more actively in teaching, learn about judging and, ultimately, be invited to participate in our free Certified Instructor Training Program.

Adult Taekwondo

CFTP Adult Taekwondo program is an essential mirror image of the leadership program. Students learn the entire CFTP Curriculum from white to black belt and are exposed to life skill development as well as leadership training. Many Adults who come in for Taekwondo training are looking to get in shape and we make sure they due through our rigorous conditioning component.

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