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CFTP Martial Arts Toronto and Family Fitness is dedicated to the health and well being of our members and surrounding communities. CFTP is a member of Ontario Taekwondo Association (OTA) and Taekwondo Canada, who is the National Sport Federation in Canada recognized by the World Taekwondo Federation(WTF), teaching Olympic Style and create future Olympic athletes. There are many components to our system that ensure our members get the most eclectic and well rounded martial arts and fitness experience, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

In the studio we incorporate traditional martial arts stretching along with yoga and strength and conditioning techniques to improve participants flexibility. We try to push them a little farther each class constantly encouraging to improve and go further. We also encourage them to go further in life putting an emphasis on the value of perseverance; the idea of continuing to go forward no matter what.
Through a combination of traditional callisthenic exercises such as push ups and sit ups along with power building martial arts drills we bring our members strength conditioning to new heights. We also teach our students about internal strength and how to deal with the obstacles they will encounter throughout their lives. We teach them to be confident, self reliant, and unrelenting. Bullying is a huge problem for both children and adults in school and the workplace respectively. CFTP students learn to have the confidence and internal strength to stand up for themselves in any situation. We teach them the two way street of respect; how they must give it but also get it at all times.
The idea of using ones strength to be explosive and smash through obstacles. Our students learn how to use their strength to achieve their goals both in and out of the studio.
Cardio vascular endurance as a direct benefit of our martial arts and fitness training. Jumping jacks, running, burpees and other high intensity exercises in our Taekwondo and fitness classes. North America has an alarmingly high rate of heart disease and obesity even among children. We at CFTP Martial Arts Toronto know the importance of being fit and we pass that mentality on to our students and their families. We also emphasize nutrition having many potluck gatherings with only healthy food allowed.
When you can focus on the task at hand you will be able to master most all challenges. Martial Arts and specifically Tae kwon do teaches focus through the practice of forms and techniques as well as mediation. When our student has to remember a long form on a belt test and stay completely focused on performing perfect techniques, in front of a huge crowd, they really learn to hone this skill. After Taekwondo classes we have our students sit, close their eyes, and practice deep breathing. They are told to focus on nothing but the breath moving in and out of their body. This deep concentration creates meditation and helps them learn how to clear their mind no matter what might be going on. When the world around them gets overwhelming our students will know how to take a minute to remove themselves from the stress and really reflect on what is going on. The ability to gain such a perspective is invaluable in the studio, school, at home, and in life.
Balance is a concept that every single person should consider and practice on a daily basis. In our Taekwondo training balance is important to our students because they must practice difficult kicks and stances without falling over. They must be able to spar with contact and stay inside a ring without being pushed out. In our self-defense courses students are taught how important it is to keep ones feet in a self-defense situation. If someone is being attacked in real life and they allow themselves to be knocked to the ground the consequences can be devastating and even life threatening. In our fitness classes students practices multiple core strengthening techniques, which will improve their ability to stay, balanced while performing grueling exercise to improve their power. Balance is important in any persons life on the whole. We must mix work with fun, crying with laughter, and struggle with triumph in order to gain the full human experience. Students at CFTP Martial Arts Toronto are constantly taught about the values of discipline and self-control that can help someone master the practice of living with balance.

CFTP Martial Arts Toronto and Family Fitness is a group committed to the health and well being of our members, their families, and the communities surrounding us. Our owners and instructors practice these values no matter where they might be and truly embody the spirit of CFTP. Come join us on our journey to mental, physical, and spiritual greatness and check out our Tae Kwon Do Toronto – martial arts Etobicoke, martial arts Mississauga.

What people say

Our twin 5 year old boys are having a lot of fun learning about taekwondo at CFTP. From their first class, they have always felt comfortable working with the teachers and the other students. In the short amount of time that they have been there, we have also noticed a big improvement in their listening and focus both inside and outside of the class
Many thanks.
Andrew Bridel
My son has been attending CFTP for about 4 years, and he loves it. We’ve seen a great improvement in our son’s attitude and self-confidence, plus he’s doing better in school. I would have to thank the CFTP taekwondo school for this as they have a unique approach to teaching and creating order in their classes, which has definitely contributed to my son’s advancements.
Simon Pen
As a mother of my two, I have to admit after visiting couple of places I gave up looking but soon found this program and was very impressed with many qualities that their program offer, I particularly liked the way how master teaches kids to love and respect their parents, be very caring, adhere to proper ethics, stand up against bulling in school etc., I can’t help but admiring master awarding every kids with their daily accomplishments at school and home. I believe this is very important. I also noticed my oldest son getting his confidence back. Overall I highly recommend this school.
Diana Iremashvili
Since attending the CFTP program. I’ve watched my 5 yr. old daughter emerge from her shell and become more confident in all aspects of her life. She understands how to connect with the strength inside her and put us at ease knowing she’s learning how to defend herself.
Kyra Evans, Schults
My daughter Chloe has been taking taekwondo with CFTP for almost a year now and In am so impressed with her increase of confidence, her respect for peers and instructors and most importantly her knolege of this art. Thank you for both masters for thir patience and encouragement of our 6 year old.. She is a big fan of martial arts.
Caroline Libunao

Our disciplined kids with great accomplishments from international panamerican tournament 2015!

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