Certified Instructor Training (CIT) Program

The CIT program is for those students with high dedication to their progression in Taekwondo techniques. The love of teaching is essential, however, it is not the only requirement for being successful in the martial arts... to be successful it takes a business and teaching structure, consistency and determination. The CIT program is about equipping you to one day become an employee or instructor in the martial arts. The CIT program requires dedication, self discipline, and personal commitment. You will learn to master techniques of the martial arts and gain the knowledge required on your journey.

This CIT program is for Black Belts ages 16 and above to prepare them for instructor certification. Trainee instructors are people who enjoy teaching others or who are interested in a career in the martial arts. The program was devised in order to allow adult students to become a Certified Instructor. The additional responsibilities and challenges of the program increase each student’s self esteem and teaching ability.


Children learning from Master Alejandro at the CFTP Black Belt Leadership program

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